West Ham leather-bound series: Make your bid!

West Ham - Farewell Boleyn

UPDATED: 29/06/2017 – Next auction cycle ends 8:00pm (BST), Wednesday 5th July 2017.

It’s been just over a year since West Ham United farewelled the Boleyn Ground, which has now been all but demolished.

ProgrammeMaster still has a multitude of leather-bound versions of the ‘Farewell Boleyn’ programme, each of which come with a unique edition number.

Interested? Then simply make a bid!

We’ll be running a silent auction on ALL remaining editions (except #1) of the series which will end every Wednesday evening at 8:00pm (BST), with the first cycle ending on the 31st May.

Editions which HAVE received a qualified bid/s will be sold to the highest bidder.

Editions which DO NOT receive a qualifying bid will be available for another auction cycle up until the following Wednesday (8:00pm BST).

Ready to bid? Simply fill out the below form, select your chosen edition number, input your bid (minimum of £40) and hope you are named a winner on Wednesday evening.

Interested in multiple copies?
Email enquiries@pml.media with your proposed offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • Qualified bids will be set as a minimum of £40, unless otherwise stated.
  • By submitting a bid, you are entering a financial agreement to purchase the chosen programme at the amount indicated, if your qualified bid is the highest received for the appropriate edition.
  • ProgrammeMaster reserves the right to change the selling process following the end of a closed auction cycle for items which have not received a qualified bid.
  • Bids do not include postage and handling.
  • Winning bidders will be contacted directly by ProgrammeMaster to arrange payment and delivery after each round of the auction cycle.