Top five football quotes of the week

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The Premier League returned over the weekend following the international break, dishing up an array of rivalries, highlights, controversies and the quotes that came with it.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from across the UK (and abroad) as top flight football returned to our television screens.

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Jose Mourinho: I want to go for lunch

The Manchester derby provided an intriguing back-story of Mourinho against Pep Guardiola, however the Portuguese manager was determined not to feed the narrative ahead of the match.

“You want me to give you headlines and I want to go for lunch,” he told journalists at the pre-match press conference. “We have different objectives so I have nothing to say to you.

“I met him a couple of weeks ago… you want stories but I have no stories for you.”

Jose Mourinho: Even the best have off days

Following the 2-1 defeat, Mourinho was more willing to share his feelings, particularly with regards to the performance of referee Mark Clattenburg.

“We were very disappointed with two decisions of Mark,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s a penalty and a red card for [Claudio] Bravo and if you tell me that it’s not… I tell you that it is for sure.

“Even the best, they can have not the best days.”

Gary Cahill: You could see from the moon it was a foul

Just three minutes after Thibaut Courtois conceded a penalty, the Chelsea centre-back was caught on the ball however, despite the seemingly obvious foul, Andre Marriner waved play-on and Swansea swiftly took the lead.

Cahill was visibly still fuming post-match…

“It’s a clear foul. I’m frustrated,” he told the BBC. “You could be sat on the moon and see it is a clear foul.

“I took the touch away from him, he came through the back of me. It was clear as day and seeing it back has made me even more angry.”

Mario Balotelli: Liverpool was the worst mistake of my life

Fresh after moving from Liverpool to the south-east of France, Balotelli deputised for Nice by scoring a brace in the club’s Ligue 1 clash against Marseille.

After the match, the Italian reflected on his time with the Reds in an uncomplimentary manner.

“It was the worst mistake of my life,” he told Canal Plus.

“Apart from the fans, who were fantastic with me, I must be honest, and the players, who I had a good rapport with, I didn’t like the club.

“I had two coaches, Brendan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp. As people they didn’t make a good impression on me. I didn’t get along with them.”

Pep Guardiola: We haven’t been good enough to win the Premier League

Despite sitting on top of the table following their important win in the derby, the Manchester City coach was quick to play down his team’s performance, insisting they needed to improve.

“To take it to the next level we have to improve a lot to things,” he told reporters ahead of their Champions League clash against Borussia Monchengladbach.

“Now, after four games in the Premier League, I would like to tell our fans that the way we have played up until now, it will not be good enough to win the title.”