Masters Spread

The first major Snooker tournament of the year is now underway at north London’s Alexandra Palace. This competition was won last year by Mark Allen who has already been knocked out of this year’s competition, but there are plenty of players left trying to fight to the final and to claim the £200,000 top prize. This year’s edition is on sale now for £7.00 here.

Inside this year’s Master’s programmes, we have design and written some great articles and features on players, the tournament and much more and below we have provided a sneak preview of some of the best articles.

Hitting the Jackpot- Jack Lisowski

Jack, it has been a rollercoaster journey to the top 16 and a place in the Masters. What do you think has clicked over the past couple of years to move you up the rankings? I have gone from being one of the most inconsistent players on tour to becoming a top 16 player. Things have turned around because my consistency has got better. It’s been hard work and it’s a really nice feeling. The Masters is a tournament that I watched since I was a young boy. I would love to do well, but I have a tough first round match against Ding Junhui. Each player at the Masters is one of the best in the world. Every round will be very hard, but I am looking forward to it. It is all coming together. I’m not young for a snooker player now as a 27-yearold, but I think everyone learns at their own pace. I’m finding my way and finding out about my game and what works for me.

Going for Gold

For snooker players the dream of an Olympic medal has always been further flung than the distant horizon, residing instead in the realm of impossibility. In November last year, the Billiards 2024 committee brought that dream a little bit closer within reach. At a press conference in the majestic surroundings of the Eiffel Tower, it was announced that snooker, pool and carom billiards would embark on a joint venture to be part of Paris 2024. The proposed format would see players from each discipline join forces with compatriots to represent their countries in a combined team event. You would be hard pushed to find many Olympic sports with origins predating billiards disciplines. There is also a distinct French connection to the beginnings of cue sports, with many historians believing that the first billiards table was used during the reign of King Louis XI in the 15th century

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