What does Brexit mean for your sport?

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Following June’s historic ‘Brexit’ referendum, the debate around the wider repercussions of a United Kingdom exit from the European Union has raged on.

However, outside the central economic and immigration issues, the impact a ‘Brexit’ could have on the UK’s sports industry remains to be seen.

In football, all the home nations are members of the European governing body, UEFA, and it’s a similar story across the vast majority of the UK’s sporting associations – be it athletics, gymnastics, swimming or rugby union.

Following the ‘Leave’ vote, the EFL’s chief executive, Shaun Harvey, released a statement in which he stated that,

“The ramifications of leaving the European Union may prove to be significant for every industry in the UK, including football.”

“However, at this stage, it is fairly unclear what the precise impact will be on the EFL.”

With all the doubt surrounding the industry, we want to know what you – the fans – think about how an EU exit may affect your sport of choice!

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