Farewell Boleyn: The leather-bound series

NOW UP FOR AUCTION (updated 14th January 2017):

On Tuesday 10th May 2016, West Ham United said their final farewells to the iconic Boleyn Ground; a place called home for 112 years of football.

Off the back of the ‘Farewell Boleyn’ programmes sold to mark the momentous occasion, ProgrammeMaster have produced a limited edition leather-bound series of the publication, with only 216 unique copies printed.

Each edition is labelled distinctly with it’s own identifiable number, authenticating it as a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Copies 1 to 215 will be sold via auction at programmemaster.com, where you can vie for your personal piece of West Ham history.

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West Ham - Farewell Boleyn

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West Ham - Farewell Boleyn